C Jane - The Artist

My jewellery ideas come from all kinds of sources but mainly from living in south west Cornwall. Being so close to the sea is really important as the patterns of waves, tides, rock formations and textures are reflected in my designs. The hedgerow also offers numerous possibilities and whilst exercising my horse I will be scrutinising the flowers, leaves and ferns.

Once I have an idea I will draw shapes on paper, these rough sketches are then transferred to card and a template will be made. The design is then cut from silver sheet and then filed carefully around edges and curves. I love the texturing process and have built up a series of tools that I like and experimenting with new methods is always fun. In my studio I keep a vase of leaves, feathers and stones as a constant reference point. Forming and adding other metals is always a possibility and I enjoy making the pieces asymmetric as this is a true reflection of nature.

Handmade jewellery using silver, bronze & copper. Organic shapes and textures inspired by sea, shore & hedgerow. All jewellery being created and crafted myself.

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